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Menswear is an afterthought in the minds of many brides. After all, the wedding dress is the showpiece of the ceremony while the wedding cake usually plays a starring role at the reception. One might ask how much attention do guests really give the men’s wear. And yet perhaps if couples did devote more attention to the wedding day garb worn by the groom and his groomsmen, the men would also find a place in the nuptial limelight.

You may be surprised to learn that there are a great many options for the groom to choose between when it comes to what he and his attendants will wear. From the basic suit – whether a European or American silhouette – to the classic tuxedo and its many variations to morning dress and full dress, there are numerous sartorial avenues open to the men in the wedding party. Even the classic black tie ensemble, which is the gold standard of wedding day menswear, comes in countless incarnations. The hallmarks of the basic tuxedo are peaked lapels in satin or grosgrain with a single braid along the trouser seams to match lapel facings, and unlike a suit, a tuxedo is worn with a cummerbund or waistcoat and matching tie.

From there, you see alternatives like mandarin collars, velvet jackets, formal long coats for daytime, silk faced lapels, and tuxedos in every color under the sun. Not to mention a great number of shirt and shoe styles! While many brides-to-be automatically assume that they will be responsible for choosing tuxedos for the groom’s side, do give the groom a chance to delve into the wide world of wedding menswear. Grooms-to-be often discover that it is a lot more interesting than they would have suspected and that they have definite opinions on what they do and don’t like.

When you are renting tuxedos, morning dress ensembles, or full dress ensembles, keep in mind that rental menswear is made to accommodate a wide range of sizes and thus will not fit like a custom suit. The typical boilerplate contract the groom and his attendants will be asked to sign includes standard discount and deposit details; measurement and pick-up conditions; cancellation, correction, and damage fees; and how and when the rentals must be returned. It can all seem like a bit much for a garment as simple as the humble tuxedo, but remember that the groom and his groomsmen can only truly guarantee they will look dashing if they have seen to the details!

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