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The bride-to-be is often so wrapped up in ensuring that her wedding dress, bridal veil, and accessories are faultless down to the tiniest detail that she forgets that her beautiful, smiling face will be the very first thing people see. With so many other details to take care of, makeup can seem like an inconsequential extra until you remember that you are the most important part of your wedding day ensemble! Your wedding guests may not notice whether your gown is white or ivory and what kind of earrings you wear, but they will most certainly take note of your rosy cheeks, you’re dewy lips, and your striking eyes.

Some brides-to-be are tempted to DIY their bridal makeup (and their bridesmaids’ makeup)  or ask a friend or relative to do the honors, but the ability to apply cosmetics that look flawless and gorgeous in person, on video, and in photographs is a talent that can take years to perfect. So while there are certainly some makeup artists born to add shimmer and shine to eyes, cheeks, and lips, you can make certain that your wedding day makeup artist has experience doing more than simply selling cosmetics by opting for a state-licensed makeup artist with fantastic references and a portfolio of bridal snapshots to match.

A professional wielder of the mascara wand will have schooling behind a sophisticated set of skills and will be able to design a wedding day look that enhances your every asset. Applying a little color here and there might be fine on an ordinary day, but on your wedding day – when you are the center of attention and the target of the photographer’s lens – it pays to hire someone who can smooth your face’s contours and shape your eyes just so.

Ask for recommendations from friends who were themselves brides and from your wedding vendors, in particular your hair stylist because he or she will have industry contacts. The initial consultation with any makeup artist should always be free – this is where you will browse portfolios, discuss how you want your wedding day makeup to look, bring up any concerns like allergies to certain cosmetics, and talk about prices and contracts. Your needs will, in part, determine which makeup artist you choose. Some will travel longer distances, many will come to the bride’s hotel or the wedding venue, and others require that brides, bridesmaids, and moms come to a salon.

Once you have chosen, and contracted, an amazing makeup artist, schedule a trial run two or three months before the wedding. Never be afraid to say what you like and what you are not so fond of because your reactions give your makeup artist the keys she or he needs to make you look magical on your wedding day.

You need to feel absolutely comfortable with your makeup artist because she or he needs to touch you to bring forth the most beautiful you. If you are interviewing a potential bridal makeup artist and feel you may flinch away from his or her touch, say thank you and move on. It is absolutely essential that you be able to close your eyes and relax while your makeup artist works.

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