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A wedding ceremony may be a solemn and serious event, but a wedding reception is at its heart a party – an unusually large and lavish party, in most cases, but a party nonetheless. Consequently, more and more brides assume that because they’ve hosted a party or two in their time, they can ditch the wedding DJ in favor of an iPod. Some brides do indeed have a knack for choosing the music that gets their guests going, but most do not (and know it) which is why the wedding disc jockey is not yet an endangered species.

A wedding disc jockey does so much more than spin music. It is the DJ’s job to ensure that your wedding reception unfolds smoothly, to draw even the most reluctant dancers out onto the parquet, to help alter the atmosphere between events with different moods (e.g., garter toss vs. the father-daughter dance), and to make your wedding guests feel like they are truly a special and important part of your big day. Given all that, it’s almost amazing to think that a wedding DJ does it using only music as his or her raw material!

Choosing a wedding disc jockey may seem like one of the easiest choices the bride will make while planning her wedding, but DJs can be as different as one wedding florist is from another. Some disc jockeys focus on the music while others wow the crowd with custom laser light shows and silly props. Most wedding DJs are happy to let the bride create both a DO NOT PLAY list and a PLEASE DO PLAY list, but a few will always play what they determine guests want to hear.

It’s just as important to find a disc jockey whose DJ’ing style is in harmony with your wedding vision as it is to find one with great references. Don’t hire someone simply because they come highly recommended because the person offering the recommendation might love everything you will hate about that particular disc jockey.

The best way to sift through prospective wedding disc jockeys is, of course, to see them spinning live at an actually event. Unless you’ve been invited to a wedding he or she is working, however, you’ll have to settle for their clip video. With all the inexpensive video editing software out there, you can’t be sure that what you see is what you’ll get, but it should give you an idea of whether that DJ has the kind of incredible, dynamic personality and vast musical knowledge that can inspire your guests to “shake it like a Polaroid.”

A great wedding DJ will have his or her finger on the pulse of your reception from the start of the cocktail hour until the last dance, so it pays to be selective. More so than the beautiful floral centerpieces or your champagne selection, your guests will remember if they had fun at your wedding, and it’s ultimately your disc jockey who will make that happen.

Know exactly who your wedding DJ will be and who his or her back-up will be in case of emergency – especially if you’re working with an entertainment company that employs multiple disc jockeys. Be wary if the company tries to leave your DJ’s name off of the contract, since that might be a sign of an impending bait-and-switch situation.

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