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The bride’s hairstyle is often the element of her wedding day ensemble that is chosen last, and for good reason. More often than not, her coiffure is selected to harmonize with her wedding dress and her bridal veil. Even the bride’s earrings can play a part in determining whether her hair will be up or down, elaborate or simple. Because a bride looks her best when her gown, accessories, hair, and makeup complement one another, an experienced stylist is almost always a must-have wedding vendor. She or he will treat the bride’s hair as a creative medium equal in its artistic value to the silk in her wedding dress or the hint of lace in her veil.

You should aim to find the right hair stylist three to four months before your wedding. Choose carefully – the lovely woman who cuts your hair every few weeks may be a wizard with a pair of shears yet have little experience with elaborate wedding hairstyles. The person you select to shape your locks should ideally have a strong background in bridal beauty; many stylists are multi-talented and can handle both cosmetics and curlers. But perhaps most importantly, your chosen hair stylist should make you feel comfortable and confident. You need to be sure that they will take your hair, be it straight or curly or coarse or smooth, and create a masterpiece.

With that in mind, be sure that your hair stylist contract includes a preview appointment. Sometimes this trial run is free, but more often than not the cost of the preview appointment is included in the overall price. At this appointment, your wedding hair stylist will study any photos you have of wedding hairstyles you absolutely love as well as pictures of your wedding dress. Together, you will discuss what you envision yourself looking like on your wedding day. He or she will then create a hairstyle designed to meet your expectations and complement your gown and accessories. It is up to you to be frank with your hairstylist – if you don’t love the look she or he has created, say as much so you can work together to find a style you absolutely adore.

Most brides will ask that their maid of honor and bridesmaids utilize the services of their chosen stylist or salon. It is astounding to think that the same man or woman who has consulted with the bride numerous times to choose the hairstyle that will enhance her wedding day ensemble can also create marvelous ‘dos for her wedding attendants without having even seen them prior to the big day. But a stylist who understands the ins and outs of weddings will be able to please both the bride and her bridesmaids. Most will ask the bride what she wants – perhaps updos for everyone – and then consult with the bridesmaids themselves to create a wedding party look that is not identical, but rather brings out the best in everyone.

Be practical when you choose your wedding day hairstyle because you will wear your hair in that style for hours upon hours. Opt for a ‘do that will be as comfortable when you are dancing as it is when you are sitting in the salon. And if you simply cannot stand hair in your face, ask your stylist not to leave any wispy tendrils hanging.

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