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The wedding dress is often the most expensive, the most carefully chosen, and the most treasured item of clothing a woman will ever own, so it is no wonder that brides-to-be pour over hundreds of photos of gowns and visit multiple bridal salons before buying a wedding dress. And is it any wonder? While the bride is the crowning glory of the wedding, the wedding dress (along with the bridal veil and accessories) is the crowning glory of the bride!

For many brides-to-be, shopping for the perfect wedding gown and bridal accessories is both an exercise in wish fulfillment and a source of stress. There are literally thousands of wedding gowns from which to choose, at price points ranging from the low hundreds to the hundreds of thousands. In the bridal salon, a bride-to-be may find herself overwhelmed by options, with no way to find the dream dress she saw online because bridal salons routinely remove manufacturer and designer tags to make it more difficult to shop around. High-pressure sales tactics are the norm in many bridal salons, and buying a wedding gown is nothing if not an emotional purchase.

You can make the experience of shopping for wedding dresses, bridal veils, and accessories less nerve-racking by making an appointment and arriving at the bridal salon with a folder of pictures of wedding gowns you love. The saleswomen will consider what your favorites have in common – perhaps the dresses are all ball gowns and the veils you love all have elegant beading – and suggest gowns and accessories that have a similar look. Don’t be surprised, however, if they also propose you try on wedding dresses that are quite different. A bridal salon attendant who knows her business will be able to make an educated guess as to which of those hundreds of gowns will look best paired with your frame, figure, hair coloring, and skin tone.

Whether the wedding dress you have been dreaming of is a romantic confection of tulle and lace or a sleek silk sheath that hugs your curves, shop carefully. This is not the area to cut corners, whether you have budgeted $200 or $2,000 for your dress. First, read reviews to ensure that the bridal salons you will visit are established and reputable – because most shops ask for payment when a wedding dress is ordered, more than one bride has been burned when a salon went out of business. Ask the bridal salons you do visit to describe their return policies. It is not uncommon for the bride-to-be to be asked to sign a contract that specifies her wedding dress is non-returnable once it has been ordered and paid for.
When shopping for a wedding dress, bring heeled shoes and the undergarments similar to those you will be wearing at your wedding to the bridal boutique. You will have a much better idea of how each gown you try on will look and feel on your wedding day if you do not have to mentally erase panty lines and bra straps from your mind.

Why have a contract? It is not uncommon for a bridal salon (even a very reputable one) to accidentally order the wrong wedding gown or jot down the wrong wedding date. Keep in mind, too, that the seamstress at the bridal salon may be an independent contractor, so you might be dealing with two contracts instead of just the one. It is so easy to become overwhelmed when you are standing in front of the boutique mirror wearing the most gorgeous gown you have ever seen and there are tears in your eyes because you have finally found the one.

As tempting as it might be to lose yourself in the moment, take a breath and read through your contract – the extra effort will be worth it when you receive the right wedding dress in the right size on the right date. Having an astute friend dutifully perform this most important of tasks may save grief down the road.

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